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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Elf Manifesto

And finally, here's the english translation, with some new content.


For a long time I have looked over the need of a manifesto like this, and come to the conclusion that the public consciousness in this subject is terrifyingly low. Hermione Grangers comrade’s nonchalance towards her when she presented them with her ideas and the fact that they countered them with nonsense like “but house-elves are happy working!” (And why that is wrong you will find out by reading this manifesto), verifies my observations.
That is why I now begin writing this manifesto, beneath which we can all gather and conduct a common struggle against the elf oppression.

Part one – The Background

Knowing and understanding the history behind this oppression is necessary to get the beset out of our struggle.

Professor Dumbledore claimed that the elf possessed a different kind of magic, a magic that, amongst other things, would tie the elf to his or her master and force the elf to remain loyal until released, which is granted by giving the elf any sort of clothing. If, for some reason, breaking the rules the elf is, by that special kind of magic, forced to punish herself or himself.
We claim that the elf is being oppressed by this state of order, living a life decided by someone else.
Why the elf situation has not been recognized earlier is due to the fact that the elf often states that him or her is satisfied with this situation or “this is the way of life for an elf”. With this bringing us to the release of the elf, in most cases him or her doesn’t want to be released. People then comes to the rather rash conclusion that the elf simply doesn’t want to be free. Nobody (except Hermione Granger, more about her later) has taken the time to analyse this, and therefore the conclusion turns out wrong. People overlook the fact that the elf knows very little of the great wide world, and being left alone where you have never been, abandoned by everthing you know, isn’t the best start of a new life. And then having to carry the weight of guilt (for insulting the memory of his or her family, an elf family is forever tied to a family, unless given clothes), built up by humans brainwashing the elf for centuries, doesn’t really help at all.

How these circumstances have occured we cannot know, due to the Ministry of magic’s history revisionism, the elf aswell as the woman doesn’t have a big part in history, sometimes you might even wonder if they existed.
Due to this no one really knows why the elf has this bound to the witch and wizard.
Hence I have had to develop my theories from scratch.
The elf existing for the one and single purpose of serving the witch and wizard is highly unlikely, aren’t they capable of taking care of themselves? Then why would evolution supply us with these creatures, and what if the elf existed before men?
Professor Dumbledore spoke of the elf’s magic, which is one of kind, but how it came to be, not even Dumbledore could know.
However, I have some theories on this matter.
The elf is in general a very helpful creature, that, when discovered by the witch and wizard, was exploited to do their dirty work. A time passed and they realised it would be easier if the elf couldn’t object a command given by his or her master, if the elf was forced to obey. They performed a series of complicated charms to change the elf’s magic, making it work in the ways it does today. This magic was somehow inherited and the elf has since then been enslaved by the human race. And finally, for better cooperation, the elf was brain washed with rubbish about family honour.

The only known attempt to expose the elf slavery was made by Hermione Granger during her fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when she formed Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.
The society’s short-term goals was to give the elf reasonable salarys and fair work conditions, like breaks, working hours and such. Conditions which are obvious to humans.
The long-term goals involved an amendment in the matter of the prohibition of elf’s use of wands, and to get an elf into the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, at the Ministry of Magic.
However, the society didn’t enjoy any success, since Hermione’s friends obviously don’t know compassion. She was constantly opposed by Ronald Weasley (who is quite amused by the elf situation), who evidently enjoys slavery as long as it benefits himself. Her other friend, Harry Potter, doesn’t really oppose the slavery and mostly takes Ronald’s in their conflicts, although two years later his opinions in the matter seem to have matured a little.
All in all this attempt was a failure, much due to her friends insufficient empathy, if they had been in larger numbers it would have looked more assuring and convincing and the spreading of propaganda more effective. However, this attempt was still both important and necessary to the continuing struggle, it has exposed errors. Now we know how to prevent them. It’s very important to have a core of faithful members and followers before you begin the struggle, otherwise the enemy can easily shatter you.
That is one of the functions this manifesto fills, to unite and convince, if not many, at least a few wizards and witches to start the struggle for a worthy elf life.
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